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Claims & returns

Although you will find high quality original Škoda products in our product range, you may want to return or complain of your purchased goods for any reason. In both cases, we have prepared a simple guide for you, giving instructions on how to proceed in such a situation.

Withdrawal from the contract without stating any reason
If you decide to return the purchased goods, you must withdraw from the contract first. Please note that you can withdraw from the contract not later than 14 days after receipt of the goods. There are several ways how you can deliver your withdrawal.

A withdrawal form is available for download HERE

After successful withdrawal from the contract, it is necessary to return the goods within 14 days as follows:

  • By personal delivery to the any Škoda dealership free of charge (recommended method)
  • By sending the goods via Česká Pošta to the following address (shipping is at your own expense)

Škoda auto, a. s.
Tř. Václava Klementa 869
293 01 Mladá Boleslav

Your money will be refunded only after receipt of goods directly to an account which the payment was made from. We are entitled to deduct from the refunded amount a proportionate part of the purchase price corresponding to the impairment of the goods. Always give your bank account number when returning goods by any method.

The Customer who is an entrepreneur has no right of withdrawal from the contract.

Lodging a goods complaint
Where a complaint is related to the goods delivered, e.g. if you find that the number of items delivered does not correspond to the ordered quantity and the invoice, you may lodge a complaint using one of the options below:

  • Personally to any Škoda E-shop Partner
  • By e-mail to infoline@skoda-auto.cz or by calling the 24/7 infoline +420 800 600 000

If you decide to claim a functional defect in the product within the warranty period, you can use the following options:

  • bring the goods to any Škoda E-shop Partner and describe the defect as accurately as possible. The Partner will write a complaint protocol with you and ensure delivery of the product back to us
  • send the goods with duly completed Complaint Form (download HERE) to the following address:

Škoda auto, a. s.
Tř. Václava Klementa 869
293 01 Mladá Boleslav

Always give your bank account number when claiming goods by any method.

The complaint will be handled not later than 30 days after the lodgement of the complaint. In the case of the Customer - entrepreneur, the complaint will be handled without undue delay.
We strongly recommend that you write the E-SHOP clearly on the package. You will make it easier for us to accept it.